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Site Map Very highly recommend this breeder! Beautiful Dogs.

I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone who would like to add a very loving, healthy, happy Cavalier to their family. We are very happy with the new member of our family! She was the runt of the litter but she is healthy, and outgoing. She was raised around kids and pets and has adjusted to our critter filled house over night. We have 5 cats and a 75 pound Rottweiler senior dog and she bravely met them all and as of now,5 days later, I can honestly say she has won all their trust. Their entire family is involved in the care of their dogs and it shows. I was in contact with Kim for several weeks before it was time to bring our puppy home and she kept me updated on her progress and sent pictures to me every week. Kim encouraged us to visit our puppy over the weeks and we did. If anyone has any questions about my experience with this breeder, please feel free to email me.

Reviewer: Christine, February 13, 2009 Fantastic Breeder!

Our puppy has been home with us for only one day but this is the best pup we've ever had. And I have to say that much of the reason is probably due to the breeders, who chose good parents to breed, have a small operation that allows them to take excellent, very loving and personable care of their pups before sending them to their permanent homes. We were given more materials when we brought him home than we have ever been given with a new puppy, including breed information, his lineage, dates of every imaginable "first" event for Charlie, weights for every day of his life, toys, food, treats, etc. I might add that their home is a testament to their love for animals also, with horses, cats, a wonderful place for kids and dogs alike. I would never hesitate to purchase a pup from this breeder!

Reviewer: Julie, February 7, 2009 EXCELLENT BREEDER

My wife and I purchased our Cavalier puppy from Kim. We wanted a puppy whose parents were excellent examples of the Cavalier breed. Of course, it was essential that our new puppy was healthy, energetic and had a good personality. Finally, we wanted a breeder that raised their puppies in a loving and caring environment and was trustworthy. After our first visit, we were convinced that we had found the right breeder for us. During our visit we observed Kim and her family and how they reacted lovingly with all of her dogs. Even after we brought our puppy home, Kim has been available to answer our questions. She is very professional and her concern for her dogs and customers is quite evident. We are considering purchasing another puppy in the future and there is no question in our mind that we will get him from Kim. If you are looking for a Cavalier puppy, you can be assured that Kim is a person you should consider

Reviewer: Michael, January 30, 2010 Beautiful Cavaliers!!!

Feb. 09 we purchased a Cavalier puppy from the Chaffee's. She is a beautiful representation of her breed. She represents all the qualities I hold dear. She is sweet, loving, intelligent, has a need to please, and is also playful, obedient, and is the ultimate lap dog. I absolutely love and adore her. When you are searching for a new member of the family you have so many worries about purity of breed, health, and formative care. After meeting the Chaffee’s all worries were put to rest. The puppies are raised in a loving family environment exposing them to stimulating, positive experiences. They provide excellent info about your puppy's medical records, lineage, health and special needs. We have found their puppy care and follow-up so excellent and endearing that we are purchasing another puppy from the Chaffee's, in Feb. 2010. I cannot give enough accolades to the Chaffee's as the gift of their care has privileged our puppy and puppy-to-be thus blessing and enriching our lives.

Reviewer: Rovhelle, January 27, 2010


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