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The breed originated in England.  They were the King and Queen's lap dogs.  As a pet they are very loyal and affectionate.  They love to be with their people and are very socially dependent upon them.


First and foremost, our dogs are our pets and are part of our family.  They are quite spoiled and hog way too much of the bed at night (according to my husband).  Our dogs that are retired stay with us.


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Meet The Parents

Click any picture to enlarge.

NICK - APRI Registered Male- retired

Born September 5, 2006.  Nick is very friendly and loves to play.  He is a quick learner, likes playing soccer and is very insistent about playing ball.

TRINITY - AKC/APRI Registered Female - retired

Born February 4, 2007.  Trinity is a bit shy of tall strangers, but loves kids and chasing her tail.  She loves her baths, catching snowflakes and watching the rabbits, deer, birds, etc.

SQUIRREL - AKC Registered Male

Born March 11, 2011.  Squirrel is quite the character.  He has lots of energy, loves to play and is very affectionate.  When his puppies are old enough to play, he is ecstatic and rolls and plays with them so gently.

SAPHIRA - AKC Registered Female - retired

Born May 27, 2008.  Saphira is a bit shy at first of strangers, but when she gets to know you she is very loveable.   She loves to play ball, chase laser pointers, wiggle and give hugs.

TWISTER - AKC Registered Male - retired

Born June 26, 2008.  Twister is such a sweetheart and is very friendly.   He loves to meet newcomers.   He likes to play with his toys which include his stuffed animals, balls and snowflakes.  Twister lives with my sister.

BLIZZARD - AKC Registered Female

Blizzard belongs to my sister, who also breeds cavaliers.

BREEZEE - AKC Registered Female

Breezee was born in 2012 and belongs to my sister.

VIOLET - AKC Registered Female - retired

Violet is the daughter of Trinity and Squirrel.  She was born July 17, 2013.  She is petite, loves to wear shirts and enjoys "singing". 

KATNIPP - AKC Registered Female

Katnipp was born on January 2, 2015 in Amish country.  Registered name is "Katnipp the Beauty Pip Rocket Dog".  She is very playful, loves to jump and frolic and is best friends with Violet.

WINTER - AKC Registered Male

Winter was born December 1, 2014.  Winter belongs to my sister.



   Below are several pictures of the parents...


Nick as a puppy

Nick with Springer Friend Tyler

Nick exhausted from play



Nick with his friend Quincy

Trinity & Nick Snoozing

Nick and Trinity

Nick with friend Quincy

Trinity in her bonnet

Trinity & Nick

Cowboy Up Nick

Trinity and Nick lounging


Nick posing so cute!

Nick hogging the chair

Cowgirl Trinity

Saphira and Twister



Twister and Saphira

Nick "saying I want to play ball"

Nick sleeping!


Nick sleeping with his bone!


Saphira sleeping!


Saphira out for her run


Saphira sitting pretty

Saphira and her pretty pink bow.

Trinity and her pretty bow too.


Trinity "YUM"




Trinity "thanks for my hairdoo!

Trinity and her nice soft pillow.



Saphira lounging around.

Twister and his friend.

Saphira "I know I'm cute!"




Twister as a pup.


Twister as a pup with his forever friend.

Trinity lying pretty


Twister getting all the loving.



Squirrel with his ball










Squirrel and Trinity


Lying with my human



Ho Ho Ho


How's my hair?

Squirrel with his son, Zippy


Laundry dog

Handsom Squirrel


Nick, Trinity and their son Rowdy who came for a visit

Squirrel and Trinity

Violet's "look"




Violet trying to sleep

Princess Violet

Prince Winter

Winter's snooze

Winter testing the softness

Winter sleeping again

Young Katnipp (Kat)




Kat trying to get on Facebook

She gave up


Katnipp - what?

Squirrel looking adorable


Nick, Squirrel, Violet, Trinity, Saphira and Kat